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Windows 10 Home Dual-Boot


Not ready to switch to a 100% Linux environment? It’s okay, we can help!

With our Dual-Boot Operating System Add-on licenses, you can have your favorite Windows version installed right alongside your favorite Linux version.

Each time you boot your Linux laptop, you will be presented with a GRUB Boot loader menu which will allow you to choose from your Linux partition or your completely separate Windows partition. We configure both operating systems to live harmoniously on the same computer, without one knowing what the other is doing.

You can even mount your Windows partition from within Linux to access your files while booted into Linux. (Note: The same is not possible in the other direction)

We recommend 50% / 50% partitions for each operating system. If you prefer to have your partition sizes divided differently, you can select your Drive Partitioning below. Note that the first percentage listed is your primary operating system that you selected when adding your laptop to your shopping cart.

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