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Ubuntu's latest version comes with with many new features. Includes a new Alt+Tab switcher. Places are renamed to Lenses. This feature now also integrates multiple sources and advanced filtering options like ratings, range, and categories. The Dash has a new music lens, linked to Banshee, that searches your personal and online music collections. Better performance of launchers and panel, ported to GTK 3 and GTK 3-based indicator stack. Full support for Chinese, Japanese, Korean, and other script languages. Free themes, icons, wallpapers, login screen, fast ext4 filesystem, grub2, new software versions and access to thousands of free and open-source apps. Ubuntu can be configured using the new Unity platform, or the GNOME base platform which is available up to the most recent 3.x versions. This particularly includes the new dconf and gsettings API. With Ubuntu, you have the most secure and powerful OS on the planet, and you never have to pay a dime for software ever again.  

  Now shipping with Linux Mint upon request! Linux Mint is an elegant, easy to use, up to date and comfortable GNU/Linux desktop distribution. It's "smooth" tones and amazingly fast speed make it a popular choice for many of our customers. It's based on the same core as Ubuntu, and offers some great new features in its' latest release.

  Now shipping with Fedora Linux! Based on RedHat, Fedora is a center for innovation in free and open source software, and creates a community where contributors of all kinds come together to advance the ecosystem for the benefit of everyone. The Fedora community contributes everything it builds back to the free and open source world and continues to make advances of significance to the broader community, as evidenced by the regular and rapid incorporation of its features into other Linux distributions. Regardless of which Linux distribution you use, you are relying on code developed within the Fedora Project.

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